About Us

About Us

At Screaming Buddha, students will learn to breathe with awareness, to move with mindfulness and to relax with ease. We get it. You aren’t a typical yogi, and we aren’t a typical hot yoga studio. At Screaming Buddha, we work hard, but we also play hard, and we have the instructor just for you.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty …

otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” –  Buddha

In Western society we are too often disconnected from that place within us of unencumbered comfort. A place where voices are strong, where love is limitless and where dreams are manifested. It is our hope to help you on your path to you.


Come prepared to tap into your inner-power. Feel the heat begin to build. Feel your muscles begin to warm. The sweat starts to bead. Your body and mind cleansed.


With yoga you’ll have the opportunity to evolve and gain strength, lose depression and gain flexibility, lose forced outcomes and gain limitless benefits. As you build your practice you will gain: confidence, balance, love… and inner peace!


Be Strong, Be Silly, Be You, and Be sure to bring plenty of water to drink and a towel – it’s going to Be HOT!